Pay it Forward

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Especially during this time of year we find ourselves a bit more charitable and friendly. If we can keep that feeling throughout the whole year just imagine the positive change we could make. My daughter came home the other day with this amazing story that I thought I would share with you:

“The other day I decided to treat myself to an afternoon snack and I went to Baskin Robbins for a scoop of my favorite ice cream. I remember counting out my change in my car to make sure that I had enough money and found that I just barely had enough. When I went up to the counter to order my ice cream the employee informed me that the person who had just left had actually paid for my scoop of ice cream – for no reason but to be nice and pay it forward. I was thrilled and it made me feel so happy that I decided to pay for the person behind me. As I was completing my transaction, the cashier told me that everyone that came in during the last two hours had done the same thing and passed their kindness forward to the next guest. I felt so happy to have been able to participate in this wonderful experience. It was only a few dollars but ended up touching several dozen people and brightening their day.”

My daughter’s story touched me and again made me realize that even a small gesture can really turn your day around and remind you of the kindness in the world. The pay it forward challenge is a great idea because it makes everyone’s day a little bit better and leaves a smile of everyone’s face.

The next time you are in the drive through or in line at Starbucks, think about this little story and consider paying it forward. The gesture might just come back to bless your day as well. Also consider our Whisper of Kindness Cards if you would like to show your appreciation, gratitude or just happiness to another person. These kindness gifts will warm your heart and help to brighten the day of those who receive them. Pay it forward everyday!

Leave a little Whisper of Kindness card wherever you go.

Leave a Whisper of Kindness card wherever you go.


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