Kindness – A Little Goes A Long Way

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We all have experienced it at least once. That day when everything seems to go wrong. When your mood is about as dark as a winter’s gloomiest day. But as you move about your day, someone, possibly even a stranger, gives you a compliment or takes the time to offer you a genuine smile and all of a sudden the world seems a bit brighter. It doesn’t take much, even a whisper can change your whole outlook. This is the whole philosophy behind our Whisper of Kindness Cards. These little cards go a long way to spread a little kindness or a smile that may be the ripple that begins a Kindness Revolution!


Our original set includes 20 cards (two of each design). Each design is created with the focus on spreading a little sunshine into someone’s life. Whether you want to spread some happiness to your waitress who was especially attentive; your doctor who just went out of his/her way to treat you as if you were his/her only patient; the veteran who you would like to thank for his sacrifice and service – these cards are a simple way to start a chain reaction of kindness.  


Original Pack

We are pleased to introduce our latest collection of Whisper of Kindness cards! This add-on set includes 10 cards (two of each design) and features dynamic and colorful designs and meaningful quotes or sayings. It is a great addition to the original pack of 20 cards. We look forward to adding new packs of cards every few months! 

kindness card - new

Add-On Pack

These little interactions often have a more profound impact on your life and others than one might think. I am a firm believer in letting your appreciation of others be heard. That is why we sell these Whisper of Kindness cards, which are a perfect way to let someone you know or even a complete stranger know how much you appreciate them. There is no such thing as showing too much appreciation for someone who has brightened your day. Remember even a whisper can turn someone’s day around.

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