Kindness…A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

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While getting lunch the other day at California’s staple burger chain, In-N-Out, I felt the sudden urge to brighten a complete stranger’s day.  While waiting in the drive-thru I noticed the car behind mine was full of children bouncing around after a long day at school with their mother behind the steering wheel.  I could relate to that image and could see the fatigue in the mother’s face. I then had the amazing idea to spread a little bit of kindness in order to brighten their day.  I decided I would pay for their meal.  The surprise and gratitude on the mother’s face was priceless. She waved ‘thank you’ to me and actually ended up paying for the car behind her.  I was ecstatic that this small act of kindness put a smile on her face and led to a chain reaction of kindness. I cannot confirm that this chain continued past that, but I can only hope.  Whisper of Kindness Cards are a great way to also show your commitment to brightening the days of others and helping to spread kindness whenever and wherever possible. 


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