A Time to Celebrate Mom

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I never once felt that I did not have someone who had my back, someone who could take care of me, someone who loved me.  I never felt this because I had the greatest mom anyone could ask for.  There are only a few people I have ever known who I can truly say have hearts of gold.  Only she could brighten an entire restaurant’s day simply by walking through the door.  Even at our local Starbucks she is commonly known as “Funny Grandma” among the employees.  My mom is truly the most caring person I know, and I am proud to call her my mom.  

wooden heart

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  If you are having trouble finding the right gift for your mom on Mother’s Day consider checking out our Mother’s Day Collection. This collection features many popular items including this beautiful handcrafted wooden heart made in Peru, a perfect gift that epitomizes a mother’s love.

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