New Beginnings

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     Starting a new business can be both exhilarating and terrifying.  That was the case with  We have always been family owned and operated, which can put a little more pressure on making the business succeed, but we were committed to making it work.  Some businesses do not make it in the end due to any number of reasons, some avoidable, and yet some out of anyone’s control.  Along the sometimes turbulent road to where we are today I have learned a few things.
     Our first version of the site made me extremely happy. Our logo was great, the website was unique, and our name was catchy. However, like with any business, there were problems. In the beginning we drop-shipped all of our products meaning that we did not hold our inventory ourselves. This meant we never examined the products ourselves. We were also not in charge of keeping tract of the inventory or shipping information. This would prove disastrous for us. We had many problems with inventory and shipping without any real way to communicate with the actual manufacturers. Our business model was not working.
     We decided to give it one more shot and invested in a new site, new mission statement, new marketing strategy, and a new business model. We decided, above all, that we wanted to know the quality of the products we were selling. We wanted to be in charge of our own inventory and shipping. Lastly, we wanted to only sell things that made us happy selling them. This meant our store would only carry fair trade items, products from local artisans and other small family businesses, items that were unique and fun, and things that helped to spread happiness and kindness. Six months ago, the new and improved was born.
     Luckily, our new site and business model appear to be working. We took the advice of our customers and we improved our store any way we could. Thank you for all your advice and support. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about other items you would like to see.
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