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Blogging – the act of writing down interesting and compelling content to entertain users and to hopefully drive traffic to your business. Sounds easy enough; just write a few paragraphs two to four times every week. But make sure that they are relevant and engaging. What if you draw a blank on what to say? What if you were never a comfortable writer? Yes, I write well enough but is it really engaging and interesting? I hope so but it is a constant worry. Just 300 or so words – it can’t be that hard. Yet the curser blinks on the blank screen as nothing magically materializes and I am once again trying to figure out what to write about. So today I decided to write about my writer’s block. Interesting? I don’t know but I do know that many of us struggle with the same problem. In this current world of instant feedback, constant information and the ability to surf through hundreds of tweets, blogs, statuses, etc. in the matter of minutes, how do you compete? How do you come up with that one idea or photo or video that captures the imagination of your followers? I definitely struggle with this concept and find myself overwhelmed each and every day. Perhaps the young people who have grown up with this constant bombardment of words will fare better. I remember the “good-old days” not that long ago when no one had cell phones or even computers. Yes, I am a fan of these items but do miss the deeper connection we all had with each other. It seems weird to say that since we are more connected today than ever before but it is a surface connection; a texting connection; a facebook connection instead of a face to face, seeing and hearing connection. Body language and the tone and inflection of voice tells us so much more than the words being said. Fear, anger, sadness and happiness are hard to convey through text. Yes, there is the practice of using CAPITALS when excited or upset but there is so much to misinterpret. Have you ever gotten into an argument over a text only to find out later that it was just an unintended misinterpretation of what was written? But we all still love to text. It has become the most common way to communicate with friends and family. My 80 year old mother texts and they are hilarious to read! We all have a good chuckle over some of her texts. It is the new world and we will all have to figure out ways to navigate through it – texting all the way.

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We are all in this together

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