Every Family Needs One!

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Everyone should have a “Funny Grandma!” My mother, Maureen, earned her nickname when my kids were about 4 and 6 years old.  She would drive them around the town on errands etc. and would mistakenly make a wrong turn here and there.  So as to not worry my kids that they were lost she would exclaim, “Funny Grandma” with a twinkle in her eye letting the kids know not only that everyone makes mistakes and that’s ok but also that you just can simply turn yourself around and get going on the right track again.  These are life lessons that everyone should learn.  This nickname has stuck with her through the years and now she delights all those around her by introducing herself with this moniker.  She remains the most optimistic person I have ever met.  She instantly brightens a room and makes everyone feel at ease.  She is truly the pot of gold at the end of our family’s rainbow!  I wish for every family to have their own “Funny Grandma” but this one is mine 🙂



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