Day on the Metro

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Regardless of your city’s available public transportation options, everyone should spend a day traveling their hometown or city using public transportation. It not only opens your eyes to the available means of transport, but also, provides you a view of your city never previously witnessed. Some of our most memorable family weekend trips were when we acted like tourists in our own city. We stayed in a local hotel and visited all those spots we usually are too busy to appreciate. It is fascinating to see all of the interesting sites within a few miles of your home.


Recently my son, a student at Occidental College, has discovered the incredible benefits of taking Los Angeles’ often-forgotten metro subway and rail lines. For an all day pass costing $5 he is able to visit numerous downtown sites including Hollywood, Chinatown and Universal City. After a few times exploring the city this way he was able to discover numerous hidden gems. Now he goes on an almost weekly tradition back on the rail lines to explore new parts of his new home city.

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