A New Halloween Tradition!

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We love Halloween! We love trick or treating! Our neighborhood is ideal for this annual event. Flat streets, sidewalks, good lighting, lots of participating homes – the perfect place to go trick or treating on Halloween night. We end up having over 100 kids, teens, families and pets visiting our home. We actually sit outside on our porch since the onslaught of visitors is constant. We encourage all ages in our neighborhood; no one is too old to dress up and have a good time. In fact, our most memorable trick or treaters last year were a trio of teen boys who dressed up with guitars and cowboy hats and serenaded us to earn their treats. Our house is known as the “water house” since we have begun a tradition of providing water bottles and juice boxes for thirsty travelers. We have been amazed at how many kids and adults alike will choose the water over candy or other treats. At the end of the night, we have given out several cases of water and juice plus several boxes of candy. As parents, we loved our kids to go out trick or treating and return to revel in the glory of their filled pillow cases of treats. But we also knew that we did not really want them to eat all of that candy. So what is a parent to do?

We came up with a twist to our Halloween traditions. We called her the “Halloween Witch.” Similar to the tooth fairy, the Halloween Witch would exchange candy for gifts. Our Halloween Witch legend went something like this: The Halloween Witch would visit kids on Halloween night and see if they were feeling generous. The Witch would then come and take the offering and leave a small gift. The size and quantity of the gifts would be dependent on the generosity of the offering. The Witch knew which candy the kids liked and didn’t like so a bigger gift would be given if the offering included some treats that were favorites. Gifts would range from a new toy or maybe a new dvd or book to a trip to a favorite park or beach. The Halloween Witch would leave a note along with the gift to thank the kids for their generosity. Occasionally, our kids would go overboard in the excitement of the night and give everything away. When this happened the wise Halloween Witch would return some of the favorite treats along with the gift.

So now what? You have what is probably a large supply of candy offered up to the Halloween Witch. You don’t want to keep it around the house for the kids to find, so what options do you have to spread the sweet wealth? We usually donated our goodies to the local school for the teachers as a special treat. Another great idea is to go to the local fire or police station to donate or perhaps find a charity that sends gifts to our troops. These ideas are wonderful and you can also involve the kids by having the witch leave a note with instructions on how to make these donations.

Enjoy this very special time of the year and have a very safe and fun Halloween! If you are looking to start your holiday shopping, please consider visiting www.lifehearthome.com – Providing inspiration as well as unique and meaningful gifts to touch a heart and brighten a day.

The Halloween Witch

The Halloween Witch

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