Let the Music Move You!

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“If music be the food of love, play on”
          Music’s ability to profoundly impact someone’s day is universally understood. Music can heal and bring people together. Yet, the most amazing thing about music is that there is a huge variety of it. Every person can enjoy their own favorite type of music in their own way. I, for instance, grew up loving John Denver, Air Supply, Barry Manilow and the likes; and the most ‘rocking out’ concert I had ever been to was the Moody Blues. But in more recent years, I have come to enjoy Taylor Swift, Adele and the occasional Bon Jovi or Queen hit. My children, on the other hand, who take pride in poking fun at my musical preferences, each love their own respective, more ‘current’ artists.
          Want to show the world your appreciation for music? Take a peak at our music themed Kate Mesta Necklaces. If you are a Beatles fan then you would love the Abbey Road Necklace with its British flag design and shiny silver guitar. Or perhaps you would rather show a more classical side by choosing our stunning Treble Clef Necklace. Whichever necklace you decide upon, wear it with pride as you play your favorite record, CD, or digital download and let your appreciation for music show.
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