Kate Mesta Dog Tag Jewelry is Fun to Wear

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kate mesta jewelryDuring the summer, I love being able to go out without having to wear a sweatshirt or a coat because I am able to show off what I am wearing a lot more. I dress in flowing tops and exciting colors to celebrate the coming of summer. To complement these attractive outfits, I have to make sure that I have the right kind of jewelry as well.

I like to make sure that I am always wearing earrings or necklaces that go well with the outfits that I have. Recently, I have been wearing a lot of Kate Mesta dog tag jewelry just because each of these necklaces is a work of art. I own a range of different ones that are just incredibly interesting to look at.

I have a couple of these necklaces that match well with specific outfits and others that I wear on a regular basis just because they go with everything. The effort that goes into each of these necklaces is clear because of the quality that is evident in each finished piece. It feels good to have jewelry that I know was made with care and not mass produced in a third world country where the workers weren’t paid properly.


  1. Maureen Boas June 10, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Hi! I totally support the above statement !!!! I
    Wear and enjoy the artistic work of Kate Mesta !!!
    I know you will, too !!!?

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