Traditional Hmong Designs

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Large thai purse with gold circular design

Beautiful Thai purse

What do you look for in a purse? Something unique, something colorful or something useful with lots of pockets? We all have had that one purse that we love; that purse that is more than utilitarian but brings a smile to our face every time we use it. One of the most beautiful purses in our collection comes all the way from Thailand. The traditional Hmong designs used to create this purse are amazing. If you are looking for something that has a “wow” factor you have come to the right place!

The talented Hmong people are known for their embroidery and this large handbag is an excellent example. The intricate gold circular designs make this handbag incredibly impressive. Simply beautiful! This purse measures a generous 19″ x 12″ x 5″ and has two braided 20″ handles with a 10″ drop.

The word Hmong means “Human Being” or “Free People” in the Hmong language.  Hmong history is complex. They are reported to originate from Siberia and their emergence dates back thousands of years. Over the centuries they migrated south so that today they are dispersed throughout the highlands of southern China and northern Southeast Asia, including in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. There they live primarily as self-sufficient farmers and gatherers. The Hmong greatly respect their elders and ancestors. Traditional gender roles are common. Large extended families live together. They tell each other ancient stories and poetry. Women create beautiful clothing and quilts and every square is handmade by a Hmong hill tribe woman mainly living in the remote hills of northern Thailand and Laos using the reverse applique quilting method. The designs are traditional symbols for love, longevity, and life. In the majority of cases, the artisans’ incomes are based mainly on agriculture. Income from handicrafts normally provides supplementary income for the artisans and their families.


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