The Perfect Pet?

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Recently, in the small town of Thousand Oaks, California there was a rare albino cobra on the loose. It was assumed that someone in the local area had kept this exotic and dangerous animal as a pet and it was able to escape from its home. The owner has not come forward yet and quite possibly will keep the ownership quiet since the whole town spent several days on edge until they were able to catch it earlier today. This story made me wonder about all the different types of animals that can be classified as pets from common animals like dogs and cats to the more unique like reptiles, birds, rodents and everything in between. What makes a good pet? I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Are you searching for a companion; a cute and cuddly pet that is happy to see you? Or are you searching for something a bit more unusual; a pet that is interesting and unique? But what is there to do if you live in an area where animals are not permitted or you are just too busy to take care of a pet? We have a great solution! Check out our beautiful Guatemalan beaded lizards and turtles.


Guatemalan Beaded Lizard

The perfect pet for a busy person! The beauty of a Guatemalan lizard or turtle without having to feed it or care for it. These full-size beaded lizards and turtles are beautifully embellished with semi-precious stones. Expertly hand woven by our master artisans in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala, these ‘pets’ are covered with a woven beaded “skin” that resembles the actual skin of the real animal. Actual beaded patterns and colors may vary as these are individually created.

turtle beaded13

Guatemalan Beaded Turtle

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