The Many Colors of Life

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Peru was home to the Incan Empire, and still currently houses many natural and man-made wonders such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. LifeHeartHome proudly sells amazing hand-carved wooden fair trade products from Peru. Our wooden sculptures come from one artist, John Barrow, who creates each work of art himself. The artist uses ishpingo, cedar and mahogany wood to create the illusion of a jigsaw puzzle and then used all natural dyes to create the beautiful puzzle effect. The many colors to make up this gorgeous sculpture are as vibrant as the colors that make up our lives. The tree often symbolizes the family. Deep roots serve to strengthen and support the tree as do the connections with our families create our foundation. The branches symbolize relationships throughout our lives. This gorgeous tree will become a treasured work of art to be handed down through the generations. 

wooden tree5

Learn about the artist: John Barrow

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