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What is the history of the scarf? There are reports of types of scarves being worn as early as 1350BC. Evidence has shown incidences of scarves in ancient Rome, China and Egypt. Scarves have been used for many purposes other than as a fashion statement, including representing military rank, status in society and for practical uses. By the 1900’s the scarf was solidly placed in fashion history as a very versatile and stylish accessory. Many of us have our favorite; the soft one that keeps us warm; the silk one we wear on special occasions and even the outrageous hot pink leopard print one we bring out when we are feeling crazy.

Now we are entering winter and in most parts of the country we are beginning to feel the chill in the air. Unless you happen to live in Southern California, where we are in desperate need of rain but seem to just have Santa Ana winds and red flag warnings. But even in Southern California, we love our scarves.

Most of our scarves come from artisans in Thailand and are made from soft acrylic yarn or beautiful silk.  These fair trade products will become treasured additions to your wardrobe.

Blue acrylic scarf from Thailand

Soft and cozy acrylic scarf from Thailand

Soft and Stylish!  This beautifully hand-woven acrylic scarf from Thailand will be one of your favorites.  It is so soft and comfortable that you will never want to take it off.  The lovely blue color will enhance your wardrobe and can be worn with casual jeans or a for a more formal occasion.  You will love the softness and will appreciate the quality! This scarf measures approximately 70″ long and 13″ wide.

This scarf in made in Klum Doi Tao, located in the hills of rural northwestern Thailand. The local area is inhabited by both Karen and Tai peoples who traditionally work side by side in cooperative efforts. Being primarily farmers, the villagers grow their own cotton, and produce and mix their own natural dyes. By developing their time-honored farming and weaving skills, they naturally constitute a sustainable and eco-friendly enterprise.

Hand-woven silk scarf from Thailand

Museum quality silk scarf from Thailand

This museum quality hand-woven silk scarf is incredibly beautiful.  The intricate design is created by very talented artisans of eastern Thailand. This scarf is more than an accessory, it is truly a work of art. Treat yourself or a loved one to this lovely and unique silk scarf. This hand-crafted scarf measures 70″ long x 16″ wide with the decorative weaving measuring approximately 9″ on either end of the scarf.

These beautiful silk scarves are produced by the Ban Napho Weaving Group, a women’s cooperative in Isan, Eastern Thailand. The group, which produces the most spectacular silk fabrics, is consistently recognized and featured in Thai Government sponsored programs that support rural enterprises. The villagers routinely experiment with dyeing techniques and weaving methods to create unique, original and stylish silk scarves and shawls that can be worn to all occasions, including casual wear, formal evening wear, weddings, and proms. The villagers conduct the entire process of feeding silk worms the mulberry leaves, collecting the cocoons, unraveling the silk thread, dyeing the silk, creating the designs, and hand weaving the textiles.

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