Guatemalan Huipil Coin Purses are Perfect Gifts

by FreeTradeAndUniqueProducts
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guatemalan huipil 7-19-16When I was recently looking for a unique gift that I could give to my kids I decided that it might be a good idea to get them something fair trade so that I would be able to teach them a bit about supporting artists in other countries. I decided to look at a lot of different fair trade gifts so that I would be able to pick something that was absolutely perfect.

I was really impressed with the different types of items that I was able to find. I considered beaded animals, different types of jewelry, and even some key chains that were all amazing items that I am sure that my children would have loved. In the end, I decided to purchase Guatemalan Huipil coin purses for them instead of buying any of these other items.

I chose these because of their intricate designs and the way that these just jumped out at me. I know that these beautiful coin purses are something that my children will always cherish as a unique gift. They will also be able to use these to carry their coins in so that they can take their money to the store when they want to buy candy.

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