Green is in the Air

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and for many Irish and non-Irish alike, the holiday is a time to celebrate and show off your green apparel and jewelry.  My mother, an Irishwoman with unparalleled pride in her culture, is often the first to wear the ceremonial green and pinch anyone who dares not.  If you are someone who struggles finding something green in your wardrobe, like myself, I would recommend looking into our Foliage colored Fair Trade Capullo Bracelet and Foliage colored Luzy Beaded Necklace.  They are green, and therefore work for the holiday, but also they match many other colored clothes due to the addition of earth tones of gold and brown.  If you want to get something green for St. Patrick’s day that does not only come out of your wardrobe once a year, these are the gifts to get.  Wearing the Foliage colored Capullo Bracelet with the Luzy Beaded Necklace easily match and are appropriate for the entire year.

Capullo-Foliage Luzy Necklace-Foliage


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