Every Color of the Rainbow – Capullo Bracelets

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The artisans we work with in Guatemala are simply amazing. Their products are highly valued due to the incredible detail and workmanship they bring to each piece. Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El SalvadorThe handiwork of the Guatemalan people is world renowned. The intricately designed patterns and the exquisite quality of their jewelry and accessories is highly prized. The women of the highland villages of Guatemala learn the traditional beading techniques which they then pass down to their children. They work to earn extra income for their families and in several cases are the sole providers of the household.


One of our beautiful Guatemalan artisans

One of our most popular items is the Capullo Bracelet made using Guatemalan beadwork techniques. Truly unique and beautiful, these bracelets feature a hand-woven base of Czech seed beads, richly embellished with an assortment of glass beads and semi-precious stone chips. Our Capullo bracelets come in a variety of gorgeous colors to match any wardrobe. This bracelet fits securely with a strong, hidden magnetic clasp. The unique magnetic clasp makes this bracelet easy to put on and off but is strong enough to hold securely when worn. The colors are vibrant and these bracelets will be treasured as true works of art.

bracelets - under 2mg

Handmade Capullo beaded bracelet Guatemala


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