Dragon’s Breath

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Legends and folklore about dragons are among our most loved stories in literature. Interestingly, almost every major civilization in history has an account or version of the mythical creature.  From Beowulf to Harry Potter, the image of dragons have fascinated adults and children alike. This interest and love of dragons has motivated us to include this beautifully carved jewelry box into our collection.

dragon box

LifeHeartHome.com is proud to present our “Dragon’s Breath” jewelry box. This astounding work of art and craftsmanship depicts the common East Asian dragon and is 100% made by hand.  Amazingly sturdy, the jewelry box cannot be opened without knowing to move the secret mechanism in the lower front panel.  This just goes to show the amazing craftsmanship involved in such a work of art. The artisan, M Ayub, was born in Kashmir, but moved to New Delhi because of military tension. He is a world-class wood carver with pieces exhibited throughout India including at the American Embassy. He works in walnut wood and polishes the finished piece with an agate stone and wax. If you are looking for a place to store your jewelry or any little knick-knack you MUST check out this marvelous product.

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