But It’s Only July

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I know it is really just the beginning of summer but if you go into Target, Walmart or any other big store you will find that they are already putting out their “Back to School” collections! I guess you really do have to shop a season ahead to get items for the coming months. Shopping for summer clothes in February and for Halloween supplies in August is the new norm. As they say, time flies while you are having fun and the summer months usually provide long sunny days of fun. So even if we don’t like the fact, the season for preparing for school is fast approaching.  Get a head start on your back-to-school shopping here at LifeHeartHome.com.  We have some amazing options to choose from and for any age.  For example, we have our hand-made Hmong backpacks, including the wildly popular owl design.  Our wide range of backpacks are perfect for a summer stroll or a trip to the beach.

backpack group

Hmong backpacks make for stylish studying!

Also don’t forget about those about to enter or go back to college.   What more would any college student need than a Guatemalan hacky sack ball or cool zipper pull to show their eclectic style. Really you cannot go wrong looking into LifeHeartHome’s back-to-school collection.  Keep in mind, Murphy’s Law loosely states, “anything that can go wrong will likely go wrong.”  Therefore, be prepared and help your children be prepared for the challenges that may await them at school.  Enjoy your last month of summer, but don’t let school season creep up on you.

zipper pull - elephant

Handcrafted in Thailand, these zipper pulls are definitely unique!

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