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    Whisper of Kindness Cards

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    whisperofkindness1There is so much change and excitement going on in the world it is often hard to slow down and appreciate the people around you.  Even the person taking your order, for instance, can often be the person who makes you smile and appreciate the day.  Just two days ago I went into a teashop to get my favorite drink, boba milk tea.  Some may also have heard it referred to as tapioca or bubble milk tea.  It was here that after I tipped the barista, she gave me a size larger and told me that she was extremely appreciative for the tip.  This, in turn, made my day.
    These little interactions often have a more profound impact on your life and others than one might think.  I am a firm believer in letting your appreciation of others be heard. That is why we sell Whisper of Kindness cards, which are a perfect way to let someone you know or even a complete stranger know how much you appreciate them.  There is no such thing as showing too much appreciation for someone who has brightened your day.  Remember even a whisper can turn someone’s day around.


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