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    World Elephant Day!

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    World Elephant Day has arrived! On August 12, 2012 the first World Elephant Day was launched to draw attention to the plight of Asian and African elephants. The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures all over the world, yet we are dangerously close to losing this magnificent animal forever. Since 2012, strides have been made to educate people about the escalation of poaching, habitat loss and elephant mistreatment in captivity. On this special day, we need to celebrate the elephant and learn about ways to help protect these beautiful animals. Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair says it well: “We admire elephants in part because they demonstrate what we consider the finest human traits: empathy, self-awareness, and social intelligence. But the way we treat them puts on display the very worst of human behavior.” Here are some sobering facts:

    • The Asian Elephant is considered endangered with less than 40,000 remaining worldwide
    • The African Elephant is considered threatened with less than 400,000 remaining worldwide
    • The Asian and African elephant are two different species and while they are similar in physiology, they are too biologically different to interbreed
    • 2013 saw the greatest quantity of ivory confiscated in the last 25 years
    • The main market for illegal ivory is China, where a single tusk can fetch $100,000-$200,000
    • Asian elephants range in 14 countries. In the past 50 years, the Asian elephant range has shrunk by over 70%
    • In Asia, there are approximately 70,000 people to 1 elephant across their range
    • There were over 100,000 elephants in Thailand at the beginning of last century. There are less than 4000 today.
    • One out of every three Asian elephants left in the world is a captive animal

    Here are some positive things you can do:

    • Support organizations that are working to stop the illegal poaching and trade of elephant ivory and other wildlife products
    • Support organizations that are protecting wild elephant habitat
    • Do not support organizations that exploit or abuse elephants and other animals for entertainment and profit
    • Support healthy, alternative, sustainable livelihoods for people who have traditionally relied on elephants
    • Do not buy ivory or other wildlife products
    • Be aware of elephant habitat – do not buy coffee that is not fair-trade or shade-grown, nor products with palm oil. These commercial crops are grown in plantations that have decimated elephant habitats.
    • Educate people about elephants
    • Use your love of elephants and World Elephant Day, August 12, to start a conversation with the next person you meet.

    To celebrate the magnificent elephant, is proud to spotlight our beautiful collection of elephant themed products featuring our stunning Kate Mesta elephant necklace. You might also enjoy the cute zipper pull from Thailand or the beaded elephant keychain from Guatemala.

    elephant day2

    Elephant Collection

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    Owls – Mythology, Wisdom and Beauty

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    From Native American legends to Harry Potter, the owl has always played an important role in history and literature. In Greek mythology, the owl is sacred to Athena, the goddess of learning and is also depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth. Native Americans associated the owl with wisdom, foresight and as the keeper of sacred knowledge. West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures viewed the owl as a messenger of secrets and as the companion to seers and mystics. In medieval times, it was thought that owls were actually witches or wizards in disguise and even today, the owl is considered to be a witch’s familiar or an animal soul linked to a spiritual person. The owl has fascinated us for centuries. Its unusual characteristics and amazing beauty make it the center figure of many legend and campfire story. Just the mention of this nocturnal animal brings many images to mind from the wise owl in Winnie the Pooh to the cartoon owl who would answer that memorable question “Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”

    We want to celebrate this beautiful and mysterious nocturnal animal with our very special Owl Collection! This collection features several items among the most unique are the backpack and zipper pull made with traditional Hmong designs. These items are part of our fair trade gift selection from Thailand and feature beautiful Hmong fabric work and vibrant colors. We also have two wonderful carved pieces from India; a wooden labyrinth game in a cute owl shape and also a beautifully carved owl puzzle box. Finally, we have included the wonderful Bohemian Owl Necklace by Kate Mesta. Get in on the “owl” trend with this cool bohemian inspired necklace featuring a beautiful silver owl. The owl signifies wisdom and intelligence which makes this necklace a perfect gift for someone who values these qualities. A stunning addition to your jewelry collection or a amazing gift for a loved one. These dogtag necklaces are very popular and are worn by many celebrities.

    owl collection

    Our Owl Collection – featuring traditional Hmong designs, wooden pieces and a beautiful Kate Mesta necklace!

    So whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one with a special fondness for owls, you should definitely check out this wonderful collection brought to you by


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    Cuff Bracelets – Traditional Jewelry with a Modern Twist

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    The cuff bracelet has a long and rich history. Very popular in many civilizations including Egyptian, Mayan and Roman, the cuff was a staple of the wardrobe especially of royalty and other important figures in these cultures. It was a piece of jewelry known for its dramatic appearance and was traditionally adorned using various types of metals, jewels and designs.

    anju large bracelets

    Anju Mixed Metal Cuffs

    Today, just as in ancient times, the right piece of jewelry can say a lot about the person wearing it. When you find a bracelet that grabs your attention, you owe it to yourself to add it to your jewelry collection. The hand made bracelets in our Anju Collection are dramatic in appearance and just plain fun to wear! Anju designs each piece using a base of stainless steel and adding design elements in brass and copper. The designs are as varied as the woman who wear them. From flowers and swirls to stones and bangles, you should be able to find the perfect cuff for you! These bracelets are light in weight but the appearance is quite dramatic. Our Anju collection is created in India following fair trade practices. If you enjoy these hand made bracelets, also consider checking out the necklaces and earrings in our collection.

    anju - silver bangle

    Anju Silver Bangle


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    Namaste is roughly translated as “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you.” This greeting has become part of popular culture and has been worldly accepted as a sign of peace. This unique Kate Mesta design highlights this wonderful sentiment with a beautiful floral background. Get in on this popular trend by purchasing one of these unique pieces of wearable art. These dogtag necklaces are very popular and are worn by many celebrities.

    km - namaste2

    Namaste Dogtag Necklace by Kate Mesta

    Do you like the idea of one of a kind jewelry for any occasion? Are you looking for something different that is on the cutting edge of fashion? Look no further. We are excited to be able to bring to you the amazing jewelry of Kate Mesta! Kate Mesta is famous for creating one of a kind, wearable art. She creates all of her jewelry in her studio in Laguna Beach, California and her work has been featured at many celebrity events. She has even created a special “Dancing with the Stars” line. Her jewelry takes the typical dogtag necklace idea and spins it around to make truly one of a kind artwork that you can wear. Each necklace or cuff bracelet is made one at a time by hand so no two are exactly alike. Her jewelry has been worn by such celebrities as Selena Gomez, Ellen Degeneres, Dick Van Dyke and Sharon Osbourne to name a few. Owning a piece of Kate Mesta jewelry is like owning a piece of art that you can wear!

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    Show your Colors!

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    There is a lot to celebrate and commemorate about being an American.  We are the land of the free and home of the brave.  Many of us watched our USA World Cup soccer team fight valiantly in their game with Belgium and to almost pull out a miracle in the last minutes. We were all on the edge of our seats – one nation, one team. It is heartwarming to see us come together as a nation and even though we did not move forward in the competition we can be very proud of our athletes today. It seems appropriate to be feeling all of this national pride in the days leading up to our Independence Day.
    If want to show your red, white, and blue this coming Fourth of July or anytime, look no further than our amazing patriotic necklaces by Kate Mesta. These handcrafted dog tag style necklaces are glorious to see and amazing to own.
    Show your true stars and stripes this coming Independence Day.  I know I will.
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