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  • Apr

    Anju Art Jewelry is Beautiful for Wearing in the Springtime

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    anuj art jewelryWith warmer weather here at last, it is the perfect time to spice up an outfit with a little bit of jewelry. During the winter cold, it is hard to show off this jewelry when you are covering up your arms with a jacket and hiding your ears under warm hats. With all of this extra clothing gone, you will be able to enjoy feeling a lot more free and showing off all of that jewelry as well.

    There are all kinds of beautiful jewelry items that you can use to make any outfit so much more beautiful. I personally have started to wear some of the beautiful jewelry that I purchased in the winter but haven’t gotten that much chance to use yet. I am especially excited to get a chance to wear the lovely Anju art jewelry that I bought several weeks ago.

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  • May

    A Groovy Look!

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    Kate Mesta‘s dogtag necklaces are truly unique. Each one, handmade and designed by Kate herself, is a wearable piece of art. The retro look is definitely trendy and Kate has done an amazing job to utilize these ideas to create fun and groovy necklaces! My favorite is the “Hippie Flower” design. This design features a 60’s inspired background in shades of pink and black and a very sparkly flower in its center. It will bring a smile to your face every time you wear it.

    Isn’t time to bring out your inner flowerchild? Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who has a groovy and fun personality!

    Kate Mesta Dogtags

    Kate Mesta Hippie Flower Necklace

    About Kate: She creates all of her jewelry in her studio in Laguna Beach, California and her work has been featured at many celebrity events. She has even created a special “Dancing with the Stars” line. Her jewelry takes the typical dogtag necklace idea and spins it around to make truly one of a kind artwork that you can wear. Each necklace or cuff bracelet is made one at a time by hand so no two are exactly alike. Her jewelry has been worn by such celebrities as Selena Gomez, Ellen Degeneres, Dick Van Dyke and Sharon Osbourne to name a few. Owning a piece of Kate Mesta jewelry is like owning a piece of art that you can wear!

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  • Apr

    That Perfect Piece of Jewelry

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    There is something so special about finding a piece of jewelry that speaks to you. Something that makes you smile each and every time you wear it. We pride ourselves at on finding unique and beautiful items that will put that twinkle in your eye. The latest editions to our Anju Collection are amazing. These metal cuff bracelets are fun and stylish. They feature either silver, copper or brass as the base metal and then each is beautifully etched with a stunning design. The cuffs measure 1 inch wide. Choose from the following designs: Antique Silver with Mosaic design, Antique Silver with a Floral design or Antique Copper with a Floral design.

    Whether you are looking for necklaces, earrings or bracelets – you owe yourself to check out our collections. You will not be disappointed.

    Anju Collection - etched metal cuffs

    Antique metal cuff bracelets with etched designs

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  • Feb

    Not the Mood Beads you Remember!

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    Remember when mood beads were popular in the 70’s? Those rings that would change color depending on your mood? Well, we have discovered a line of jewelry that utilizes the same mood bead characteristics but with a modern twist and a lot of style. This jewelry will still change color but the beauty of these beads goes beyond this fun detail. Take some time to explore our new line of mood bead jewelry available in both silver and gold – all of these items will soon be featured in our store at 


    Edwin Jean Collection

    Mood Bead color changing bracelets – So Cool!!

    mood bead earrings2

    Mood Bead earrings available in gold and silver


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  • Feb

    Classic Designs – Modern Twist


    Two sisters with a dream

    Sisters, Martha and Nancy, decided to create beautiful and unique jewelry when they both found themselves in the ’empty-nesting’ phase of their lives. One in Los Angeles and one in Arizona, they design and create leather bracelets and amazing mood bead jewelry that is truly stunning. They often recruit their now grown children to help with all aspects of the process. They specialize in the Regaliz leather line, also known as licorice leather, European flat and round leathers and then match their designs with distinctive metals clasps and sliders in silver, copper, rose gold, bronze and gold. Their youthful creations are so much fun to wear and can even be worn by both men and women. 

    We are so happy to work with these very talented sisters to bring you their beautiful creations, now available in our store 


    Edwin Jean Jewelry Collection

    Classically designed with a modern twist!

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