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    Owls – Mythology, Wisdom and Beauty

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    From Native American legends to Harry Potter, the owl has always played an important role in history and literature. In Greek mythology, the owl is sacred to Athena, the goddess of learning and is also depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth. Native Americans associated the owl with wisdom, foresight and as the keeper of sacred knowledge. West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures viewed the owl as a messenger of secrets and as the companion to seers and mystics. In medieval times, it was thought that owls were actually witches or wizards in disguise and even today, the owl is considered to be a witch’s familiar or an animal soul linked to a spiritual person. The owl has fascinated us for centuries. Its unusual characteristics and amazing beauty make it the center figure of many legend and campfire story. Just the mention of this nocturnal animal brings many images to mind from the wise owl in Winnie the Pooh to the cartoon owl who would answer that memorable question “Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”

    We want to celebrate this beautiful and mysterious nocturnal animal with our very special Owl Collection! This collection features several items among the most unique are the backpack and zipper pull made with traditional Hmong designs. These items are part of our fair trade gift selection from Thailand and feature beautiful Hmong fabric work and vibrant colors. We also have two wonderful carved pieces from India; a wooden labyrinth game in a cute owl shape and also a beautifully carved owl puzzle box. Finally, we have included the wonderful Bohemian Owl Necklace by Kate Mesta. Get in on the “owl” trend with this cool bohemian inspired necklace featuring a beautiful silver owl. The owl signifies wisdom and intelligence which makes this necklace a perfect gift for someone who values these qualities. A stunning addition to your jewelry collection or a amazing gift for a loved one. These dogtag necklaces are very popular and are worn by many celebrities.

    owl collection

    Our Owl Collection – featuring traditional Hmong designs, wooden pieces and a beautiful Kate Mesta necklace!

    So whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one with a special fondness for owls, you should definitely check out this wonderful collection brought to you by


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  • Jul

    But It’s Only July

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    I know it is really just the beginning of summer but if you go into Target, Walmart or any other big store you will find that they are already putting out their “Back to School” collections! I guess you really do have to shop a season ahead to get items for the coming months. Shopping for summer clothes in February and for Halloween supplies in August is the new norm. As they say, time flies while you are having fun and the summer months usually provide long sunny days of fun. So even if we don’t like the fact, the season for preparing for school is fast approaching.  Get a head start on your back-to-school shopping here at  We have some amazing options to choose from and for any age.  For example, we have our hand-made Hmong backpacks, including the wildly popular owl design.  Our wide range of backpacks are perfect for a summer stroll or a trip to the beach.

    backpack group

    Hmong backpacks make for stylish studying!

    Also don’t forget about those about to enter or go back to college.   What more would any college student need than a Guatemalan hacky sack ball or cool zipper pull to show their eclectic style. Really you cannot go wrong looking into LifeHeartHome’s back-to-school collection.  Keep in mind, Murphy’s Law loosely states, “anything that can go wrong will likely go wrong.”  Therefore, be prepared and help your children be prepared for the challenges that may await them at school.  Enjoy your last month of summer, but don’t let school season creep up on you.

    zipper pull - elephant

    Handcrafted in Thailand, these zipper pulls are definitely unique!

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    Gifts from Thailand

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    The word Hmong means “Human being” or “Free People” in the Hmong language.  Hmong history is complex. They are reported to originate from Siberia and their emergence dates back thousands of years. Over the centuries they migrated south so that today they are dispersed throughout the highlands of southern China and northern Southeast Asia, including in Laos and Vietnam. There they live primarily as self-sufficient farmers and gatherers.  The Hmong greatly respect their elders and ancestors. Traditional gender roles are common. Large extended families live together. They tell each other ancient stories and poetry. Women create beautiful clothing and quilts and every square is handmade by a Hmong hill tribe woman mainly living in the remote hills of northern Thailand and Laos using the reverse applique quilting method. The designs are traditional symbols for love, longevity, and life.


    We work with 40 full-time artisans in Thailand.  Approximately half live in the highlands in northern Thailand and they make our collection of traditional Hmong purses and pillows.  In Chiang Mai, we have a workshop where the remaining artisans work primarily on our jewelry products.  Prani is the Hmong workshop leader who sources fabrics and embellishments for purses.  Each artisan is skilled in a specific handicraft, jewelry, embroidery, sewing, etc.  These women are the main bread winners in their families and because of the income they earn from their handicraft work, they no longer work in the highlands working in agricultural jobs. We are so happy to be working with these groups of artisans who continue to create not only beautiful items but who also carry on the traditions of this rich culture.

    Our Thailand gifts include purses, backpacks, scarves and jewelry all of which are richly embellished with the customary pompoms, jingle bells or elaborate embroidery. We hope you love these items as much as we do.

    Large thai purse with gold circular designstackable - white bunchstackable - turquoise bunchbackpack - winter (multi)




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  • May

    Looking for Something a Bit Different?

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    Are you looking for a cute way to carry your belongings? Or are you trying to find a great gift for your child, teen or fun-loving adult?  Well, look no further.  Adorable and Unique! This owl backpack is sure to get noticed. It is constructed by the Hmong people of Northern Thailand using a patchwork design to create the illusion of feathers. Features a zippered pouch on the back as well as a large compartment that fastens with a velcro closure on the front under the eyes. The straps are adjustable cotton fabric. Measures approximately 10″x14″. As these backpacks are handcrafted there will be variability in the fabrics. No two bags are alike. This will truly be a one of a kind gift for someone special!



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    Earthquake Preparedness

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    Due to the recent surge of earthquakes in California and elsewhere one must wonder; am I prepared for ‘The Big One?”  I was extremely startled by the recent revelation that I may not be as prepared for an earthquake as I originally thought.  If you, like me, live in an area that can experience earthquakes, or just want more information about staying prepared in any natural disaster, please read further. has a few tips for preparing for natural disasters.
    – First, and most important, keep an emergency stash of water and non-perishable foods.  The food and water should ideally last for three days to a week.  However, there is no such thing as stocking up too much, especially with regards to water.
    – Second, you should also keep a first aid kit and know how to use the items stored inside.  Make sure to also include a flashlight and some extra batteries.
    – Third, if you have medication, be sure to keep enough on-hand for at least three days.
    – Finally, though seemingly outdated, radios are still often the best way for people to get a hold of vital information in the event of an emergency.
    These are just some basic emergency ideas to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Depending on where you live, the precautions you take should be tailored to your situation and setting.  Your local police or fire authority is a great place to get further information to keep your family safe.
    One of the most useful tips in emergency preparedness is to keep a handy bag or backpack filled with essential items in a convenient place in your home and also in your car so that you are all ready to go if the need arises. You might want to consider our wonderfully versatile Hmong Backpack, hand-crafted in Thailand for this ’emergency bag.’ Not only beautifully constructed but also distinctive in design, this backpack can be just the ticket for day trips to the zoo, a leisurely hike on the beach, or as an emergency backpack to help keep your family safe. Take a look today!
    thai backpack4
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