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    Turtle Love

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    Within the last few months scientists have been able to track the so-called ‘lost years’ of Loggerhead Turtles using satellites and tracking devices placed on the turtles.  The question was originally asked, what happens during the period just after the turtles are born when they leave the United State’s coast and when they head out into the Atlantic Ocean.  It was discovered these young turtles actually float and stay in roughly the same area just a little distance from the US coast.  It is hypothesized that they feed and grow in patches of seaweed until they are big enough to travel further out into the Atlantic Ocean.
    If you enjoy turtles or simply need a beautiful wood panel for your home aesthetic, look no further than LifeHeartHome’s hand-carved wooden relief panel with baby turtles.  This work of art is hand-carved in Indonesia by Nyoman Karsa, an artisan who honed his abilities from his father, and plans to continue preserving his communities’ long heritage and history of woodcarving.
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