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  • May

    Consider Indonesian Crafts for Gifts, They Make Me Smile

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    1 wooden turtles 5-10Crafts that are handmade by people truly are special. There’s a bit of individualism in each piece of art they create. For example, the hand carved baby turtles wooden relief panel I got the other day from Indonesia is truly spectacular. It’s a great centerpiece to my living room, and it’s really neat to know it’s made by someone’s own hands with their own artistic vision.

    The artist, Nyoman Karsa, really put effort into this wood carving. The artist thinks hard about what wood would be the best for the piece, since each type of wood has a different color, texture, and scent. This one is made out of suar wood, which is grown locally where Karsa lives. The artist also said they enjoy getting ideas from the environment and the community, so it’s really neat to think how turtles are an everyday sight in their environment.

    Where I live, I’m nowhere near turtles. And yet, I have a gorgeous piece right here in my living room. It looks really nice on the wall, where everyone can see it. It makes me smile when I see it, and I think it instills happiness when others see it, too. So if I ever need a gift idea, I think having Indonesian crafts for gifts would be swell.

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  • Aug

    Summer Lovin’

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    Summer seems to be filled with weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. In my family, we have several anniversaries in August. Just the other day, I saw a beautiful wedding being held at the beach at sunset. Living in Southern California, we have sunny days most of the year but there is something special about summer. Since we have so many anniversaries in the summer we are always trying to find a special and unique gift. This is one reason we were so happy to carry our beautiful wooden sculptures from Indonesia. These fair trade products are all hand-carved with exquisite detail and will be treasured by anyone who receives them as a gift.

    My favorite item is a double heart sculpture called “Love Blossoms.” The perfect representation of love, whether it is the joining of two people in marriage or perhaps celebrating a new addition to the family, this sculpture captures the joy beautifully. Hand carved from Indonesia and made out of beautiful Suar wood.

    Indonesian Carving

    Hand carved sculpture from Indonesia

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  • Nov

    Thanksgiving – A Time for Family

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    This time of year inspires us to gather our family close, eat lots of great food and watch many hours of football. It is a magical time of year that just gets more and more important as we get older and our families expand. Traditions that can be passed down through generations are celebrated and embraced. There is something so special about sharing family traditions with your own kids. Having children is an amazing milestone in one’s life and is especially meaningful during this time of year.

    The artisans in Indonesia create amazing works of art that depict this special family relationship beautifully. This exquisitely hand-carved wooden sculpture, for example, depicts a loving couple embracing a child. It shows the balance of mother, father and child in perfect harmony in a modern representation that will become a beautiful centerpiece in your home. If you are looking for a holiday gift or a gift for the birth of a child, this sculpture is perfect and will be cherished by the person receiving it. Hand-carved using Suar wood in Indonesia by master artist Made Wirata.

    If you are looking for Indonesian crafts for gifts this holiday season check out our beautifully hand-carved wooden sculptures.

    Indonesian hand-carved sculpture

    Beautifully carved wooden sculpture from Indonesia


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  • Oct

    Indonesian Treasures

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    Indonesia is home to an array of cultures, languages, and people.  It is the fourth most populated country in the world with land spanning over at least 17,000 islands. Due to the incredibly rich and multifaceted nature of Indonesia, their beautifully handcrafted wooden sculptures are each as unique and stunning as the area where they are made. We would like to highlight one of our artists, Nyoman Karsa, in this blog.

    Nyoman Karsa was born on December 31, 1967. He learned woodcarving from his father and the senior artists of his village, for example, the famous Wayan Winten. He has worked in his own art studio and shop since 1987. He usually carves sculptures from ebony, suar, crocodile, and hibiscus woods. Each of the woods has specific characteristics of color, durability, and aroma. Ebony comes from Sulawesi, while the others grow locally. Mass media and the everyday traditional lifestyle of his environment and community are the sources of his inspiration. When creating a sculpture, he first sees it in his mind, making an image of how it would look on a log or a piece of wood. He makes a draft on the wood piece, chiseling the initial form and detailing the parts, finishing it off by smoothing and polishing.

    Consider these amazingly detailed Indonesian crafts for gifts or as something to brighten your own home. This piece, for example, is not only a beautifully carved sculpture but also provides just the right amount of whimsy to bring a smile to your face. We all are familiar with the saying “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.” This cute wooden carved statuette from Indonesia recreates this famous saying beautifully. These three little monkeys will be so cute on a desk or table. This carving is made from Suar wood and signed by the artist.

    wooden monkeys1

    Wooden Monkeys from Indonesia



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  • Jun

    Head over Heels

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    Have ever felt your heart quicken when you see that special someone in your life? That feeling of being completely head over heels in love? Then you will love this beautiful sculpture. It depicts that delicate balance of being in love.  If you find yourself looking for a very special gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or just because, you might want to check out this beautiful piece. It is extremely well crafted, and yet, affordable. This amazing sculpture is handmade Eka, an artisan from Indonesia.
    wooden hearts3
    Eka learned how to carve and finish pieces of wood from her father at a very young age.  She continued to hone her skills when she married, and decided to become a professional wood sculpture herself when her husband later passed away. She continued the practice of wood sculpting in honor of her late husband, and has been using her amazing talents to provide for her two children.  By purchasing this product you are not just buying a stunning piece of art, but are helping to support Eka’s art and her family.
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