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    Graduation – A Time to Celebrate!

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    I have heard about a terrific idea for an amazing and truly memorable gift for your high school or college graduate.  I only wish I had heard about it in time for my own children. But if you have a little one who is just starting school you still have time!  All you need is a book that is meaningful to you.  Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” works perfectly; a book that will have a meaningful message for a child going off to start their life after high school or college.  Then keep this book in a special place (somewhere that you will remember year to year) and have your child’s teacher  sign the book each year with a personal message to your child.  You can also have other important and influential people create messages for your child – like a piano teacher, dance teacher, coach, etc.

    Can you imagine the look on your teenager’s face when they open up the book to find messages from each teacher and other important people they have met along the way to graduation?  I would have loved to have given this special gift to my kids but alas I was about 12+ years too late.  I hope that this blog might make it to some young parents who can create this special memory for their kids.  Graduation is such a milestone and reason to celebrate that it deserves a very special remembrance. If you don’t have years of time to create a graduation gift we invite you to browse through our store and consider our beautiful Mova Globes or our hand-carved wooden jewelry box. We at would like to send our congratulations to all 2015 graduates!


    My son on graduation day – Occidental College Class of 2013

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    A Groovy Look!

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    Kate Mesta‘s dogtag necklaces are truly unique. Each one, handmade and designed by Kate herself, is a wearable piece of art. The retro look is definitely trendy and Kate has done an amazing job to utilize these ideas to create fun and groovy necklaces! My favorite is the “Hippie Flower” design. This design features a 60’s inspired background in shades of pink and black and a very sparkly flower in its center. It will bring a smile to your face every time you wear it.

    Isn’t time to bring out your inner flowerchild? Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who has a groovy and fun personality!

    Kate Mesta Dogtags

    Kate Mesta Hippie Flower Necklace

    About Kate: She creates all of her jewelry in her studio in Laguna Beach, California and her work has been featured at many celebrity events. She has even created a special “Dancing with the Stars” line. Her jewelry takes the typical dogtag necklace idea and spins it around to make truly one of a kind artwork that you can wear. Each necklace or cuff bracelet is made one at a time by hand so no two are exactly alike. Her jewelry has been worn by such celebrities as Selena Gomez, Ellen Degeneres, Dick Van Dyke and Sharon Osbourne to name a few. Owning a piece of Kate Mesta jewelry is like owning a piece of art that you can wear!

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