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    Travel the World

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    Last year we were able to take a wonderful trip to the Caribbean. It is amazing to travel and see new places and experience new cultures. There is a quote that I remember hearing, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list.” This quote rings so true to me and my family. This love of traveling has been the inspiration behind We love finding unique and wonderful items to share with you. One of these items has become a favorite on our trips and we look forward to using it again on our upcoming trip to South America. Our beautiful Guatemalan Huipil Overnight Bag has now been renamed “Our Traveling Bag” and it is simply the perfect carryon. This trip we will also be bringing our Guatemalan Huipil Volcano backpack. Both of these items are available at and are one of a kind. Check them out – you won’t regret it!

    Large huipil bag perfect for traveling

    Fits perfectly in an overhead compartment

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    Not the Mood Beads you Remember!

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    Remember when mood beads were popular in the 70’s? Those rings that would change color depending on your mood? Well, we have discovered a line of jewelry that utilizes the same mood bead characteristics but with a modern twist and a lot of style. This jewelry will still change color but the beauty of these beads goes beyond this fun detail. Take some time to explore our new line of mood bead jewelry available in both silver and gold – all of these items will soon be featured in our store at 


    Edwin Jean Collection

    Mood Bead color changing bracelets – So Cool!!

    mood bead earrings2

    Mood Bead earrings available in gold and silver


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    Classic Designs – Modern Twist


    Two sisters with a dream

    Sisters, Martha and Nancy, decided to create beautiful and unique jewelry when they both found themselves in the ’empty-nesting’ phase of their lives. One in Los Angeles and one in Arizona, they design and create leather bracelets and amazing mood bead jewelry that is truly stunning. They often recruit their now grown children to help with all aspects of the process. They specialize in the Regaliz leather line, also known as licorice leather, European flat and round leathers and then match their designs with distinctive metals clasps and sliders in silver, copper, rose gold, bronze and gold. Their youthful creations are so much fun to wear and can even be worn by both men and women. 

    We are so happy to work with these very talented sisters to bring you their beautiful creations, now available in our store 


    Edwin Jean Jewelry Collection

    Classically designed with a modern twist!

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    Sparkle and Shine

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    The new year brings many new opportunities and experiences. It is a time to renew, refresh and start new projects or learn new things. Now as we begin 2015, we are so happy to be celebrating the one year anniversary of our new and improved gift shop. Our new focus on fair trade products and local artists has been so much fun and very well accepted. In the next few blog posts we will highlight some of our new products and suppliers.

    Anju, one of the first artists we started working with, is so talented! Her designs are always very popular and sought after. Today we will be highlighting a new necklace and earring set that is perfect for any occasion. This stunning set features a teardrop design made of brass that is then coated with shiny silver and varnished for protection. The earrings are delicate and not at all heavy. The necklace features an 18″ silver chain. Both necklace and earrings have a hammered metal look that makes this jewelry sparkle at every angle.

    Stunning silver jewelry for any occasion

    Beautiful silver plated necklace and earring set!

    Anju’s passion for jewelry and design started at a very early age. Anju was born in the beautiful and colorful state of Rajasthan in India, surrounded by a rich culture, natural beauty and a creative environment, Anju gained an eclectic eye for beauty and flare. Her exposure to different cultures has been a lasting source of inspiration which springs to life in her unique design concepts. She originally designed and made all of the jewelry herself in her basement but on one of her visits to India, she discovered a group of artisans whom she partnered with to create her beautiful designs. This partnership has worked well as it provides a livelihood for these artisan families, which is very important to Anju. The hallmark of Anju’s jewelry are beautiful designs, immaculate workmanship, detail and quality. Anju believes that jewelry, if properly fashioned, is more than just an accessory, it is an expressive work of art.

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